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The world's most advanced lightning detection system.

Blitz Detect Products.

BLITZ-DETECT systems lightning detection

Blitz-Detect utilizes the LINET systems to provide customers with high precision lightning data in real time.

Each Blitz-detect product has its own function designed to fulfil the specific needs of each and every type of application.

LINET view

LINET view provides true visualization and analyses the current or any historical thunderstorm activity in your web browser on any device. Not only are strokes, thunder cells and nowcasting displayed on the map, but also any customer specific elements (e.g. points of interest, transmission-grids, stations etc.) and individual alarm areas. The application is easy to use and provides many tools for the management of thunderstorm related risks.

With LINET view weather-dependent facilities such as airports, wind farms, mines, golf courses, schools, sports facilities and other outdoor facilities can be meticulously monitored.

LINET view provides the user with an early calculation of the arrival, duration and end of a thunderstorm in an alarm region, ensures the protection of workers outdoors, the safety of sports and school events, the prompt location of the stroke site in the event of damage.

LINET view issues early warning alarms via email and SMS. Early warnings are also easily integrated with acoustic sirens and visual alarms.

Linet view includes all types of lightning detection associated data including the lightning detection, cell tracking and severe storms warnings.

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Lightning Inquiries

nowcast lightning data is particularly popular among insurers because of its unique precision of 75m on average with an extremely low error rate. The high system sensitivity enables detecting around 99% of all lightning strikes on the ground. For insurers, fast and efficient claims management as well as reliable data, play a key role. Our web application can be immediately fully used by log-in. The precision of LINET lightning data has always proven highly reliable with bigger and smaller insurers over the past 10 years.

The Lightning Inquiry system is designed for insurance companies to meet the demanding requirements pertaining to data security, processing speed and process optimization of the application.

The Lightning Inquiry system has proven its capabilities and now tackles thousands of queries every day.

Lightning Inquiries

LINET data

With LINET data small as well as large private and public companies get detailed numerical lightning information in real time.

Companies and public institutions receive detailed numerical real-time lightning information via LINET data. This data can then be imported into the user’s systems and combined with further data sources.

The user can access the data files in real time in various formats via the internet. In addition to standard information pertaining to the location, time and stroke current, LINET reliably differentiates between intracloud strokes and cloud-to-ground strokes.